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Do you miss all those great tunes from the late 70s and early 80s? Jam, Clash, Dexy’s, Blockheads?

Well so do we!

So back in 2013 we decided to form a band to play the music that formed the soundtrack of our youth - Funkin Skunks.

Step inside, meet the band, check out some recordings, or a recent video, find out when we’re playing at a venue near you, and come on down and join in the fun!

Upcoming Gigs



Funkin Skunks, Knaphill WMC, Woking, Surrey.

Really lively club with lots going on. Regular jam nights in the week and live bands most weekends. They even have Vimto on draught, what's not to like!

Funkin Skunks, Private Party, Effingham Golf Club.

  • TBC
  • 9:00pm, Saturday
Another Skunkified party, these are always great fun.

Funkin Skunks, The Pelican, Adelstone, Surrey.

Our first time at The Pelican, we're looking forward to meeting you all.

Funkin Skunks, Knaphill WMC, Woking, Surrey.

Really lively club with lots going on. Regular jam nights in the week and live bands most weekends. They even have Vimto on draught, what's not to like!



Funkin Skunks, Railway Inn, Billingshurst, West Sussex.

Our first post lockdown gig in 2021 and, thanks to the pandemic, a whole year since we last played live! We are so looking forward to this one!

Funkin Skunks, West Ewell Social Club, Epsom, Surrey.

Another visit to WESC, smashing club with regular live music.

Funkin Skunks, Holroyd Arms, Guildford, Surrey.

Our third post lockdown gig in 2021, and a return to great venue where Pluckin' Skunks played a superb "unplugged" gig in July 2020!

Funkin Skunks, Penny Black, Leatherhead, Surrey.

"Always something on at The Penny Black" This is a really local gig for The Skunks, just a 2 minute walk for Ant, so we're expecting to see lots of familiar faces in the crowd.

Funkin Skunks, Knaphill WMC, Woking, Surrey.

Really lively club with lots going on. Regular jam nights in the week and live bands most weekends. They even have Vimto on draught, what's not to like!

Funkin Skunks, New Haw Social Club, Addlestone Surrey. TBC

A long overdue return to the New Haw Club.

Funkin Skunks, Belmont Conservative Club, Banstead, Surrey.

We always enjoy playing at The Con Club, another great chance to dance your legs off! This one is likely to be Jez' final gig with the band before he moves to the midlands.

Funkin Skunks, West Ewell Social Club, Epsom, Surrey.

This promises to be a Skunkified Xmas Party!.

Want to book us for a party?

Yeh, parties, we love em! The Skunks will have everyone dancing in the streets, so best to let the neighbours know it might get a bit lively, better still, invite them along.

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Look, the Skunks are playing.

Aren't they cute!


So this is the serious bit where we tell you a load of stuff about how lovely we are, and explain why you've never seen any of us on Top Of The Pops, even in the audience.


Ant Knight

Throaty Skunk
You can’t buy, learn or fake “cool”. You either is or you ain’t. Ant most definitely is. Our man from Leatherhead stands front and centre of the Funkin Skunks and delivers his vocals with a confidence and style that us mortals can only dream of. This isn’t karaoke. This is rock’n’roll. He has been the voice of many different bands and has sung in many different styles, but he doesn’t imitate the singer, he accentuates the song. After a couple of Skunks gigs you’ll be asking yourself “Why doesn’t that Sting fella sing more like Ant?” I know we do.

Niall Squire

Papa Skunk
Set guitars to STUN! It’s Papa Skunk. Now living in Cobham with Mama Skunk, back in the day, this west country boy was no yokel. His ass might have been sitting on a tractor but his soul was strapping on his Gibson and playing until his fingers bled. In the 70s rock called, and Papa screamed right back in its face. Steeped in the finest punk tradition of play first and ask questions later Papa honed his craft in the studio, but its with an audience that he gets his rocks off !! The Funkin Skunks was Papa’s vision, now it’s a monster ! By all means ask him for an obscure Punk or Reggae tune but not one outside of 1976 -1980 he gets twitchy !

Hilary Squire

Mama Skunk
Don’t let the “petite blonde” looks fool you. This multi talented powerhouse can belt out the vocals like Siouxsie Sioux, tickle the ivories like Jools and blow the sax like Charlie Parker. Northern lass Hilary is the Skunks secret weapon. Need some Kobe drums? No problem. Alien spaceship landing noises? Sorted. Double saxophones? Sure. Hils can provide all this, and in some style. She has music running through her veins and notes spilling out of her fingertips. Smiles a lot. And when you hear her, so will you. Doesn't do Lisa Simpson impressions or make cups of tea, so please don't ask. For all our sakes.

Colin Wells

Sticky Skunk
Guildford boy, Colin is that rarest of breeds. A drummer and a musician. Pumping heart and injecting soul into the rhythm section, his encyclopaedic knowledge of the last 40 years of popular music means he can swing on that ska beat, drive that punk forward or lay back those heavenly reggae fills with absolute authority. And provide backing vocals too. From the first crack of the snare to the final crash of the cymbal Colin keeps that beat rocksteady. Until he decides when it stops. And when he’s done, he can knock up the best pizza outside Napoli while giving advice on looking after your wisteria. It’s all rock and roll to him.

Paul Mc

Thunder Skunk
Bringing the low end to the band dynamic (and often the low humour!), Cranleigh's Bass Boy (!) has been winging it for years in bands of all shapes and sizes. Loves nothing more than holding the groove down in the band and moving (badly) to the music. Has the dress sense of a bad clown and a hair style that time forgot. He is still trying to grow up, but finding it really hard. Any offers of help are much appreciated. Plus, don't get him talking about Thunderbirds or other such puppet shows, he can bore for England on the subject!

Colin Parry

Knobby Skunk
You might not always spot The Knob at a Skunks gig, he'll be in the room somewhere, probably at the back or behind a pillar, taking care of the sound on a mixing desk or more often these day using an iPad. If things are going really well you might catch him playing Candy Crush on the iPad rather than mixing the band, but if you do, don't tell the others!

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Right then, you've scrolled all the way through to the bottom, there is no more, honest. If you've been impressed with what you've seen and heard, and you'd like to have the band play at your event, ping us an email using the links below and we'll get back to you.
Oh, and the SoundCloud, YouTube, Twitter and Facebook links below should take you to our little corner of those sites. Enjoy!